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The 12 Apostles are viewable as you travel along The Great Ocean Road.  To self drive, first head south of Melbourne to Geelong, get onto The Great Ocean Road and follow it to the township of Torquay. There are many prearranged tours to join, mostly from Melbourne, the state capitol of Victoria. Melbourne Airport is serviced by international and domestic flights.

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The nearest city to this Australian landform is Port Campbell where there are various forms of accommodation including Bed and Breakfast's, Ocean Villas, Hotels, Motels, Backpackers, Camping Grounds and Holiday Parks.

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GPS: 38° 39′ 57″ S, 143° 6′ 16″ E

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About The 12 Apostles

Although called The 12 Apostles, there are only 8 limestone columns left of this great Aussie landmark.  The soft limestone has been and continues to be eroded away by waves and wind, the last column to fall was in 2005.  The pillars are up to 50m tall, making for a spectacular view. Once called the Sow and Piglets, it was renamed 'The Apostles' in 1922 and came to be known as 'The 12 Apostles' even though there was only ever 9 limestone stacks.

The area was designated a marine national park in 2002. To see what's happening in the area, drop in to the Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre, they can point you in the right direction as well as  loan you binoculars, to check out the landscape and wildlife, and Newtonian Reflectors for stargazing our light free skies.

If your journeying around southern Australia be sure to check out this fabulous famous landmark before it returns to the ocean.

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12 Apostles Sunset - Australian Landmarks - M5 Things To Do at The 12 Apostles

  1.     Helicopter Tour
  2.     Visit one of the many lookouts
  3.     Walk The Great Ocean Walk
  4.     Watch Little Penguins returning home to roost
  5.     Visit the London Bridge Rock Formation


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