The Three Sisters - The Blue Mountains

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From Sydney, join an organized tour or travel by car, heading west north west by using the Great Western Motorway.  Make your way to Echo Point and from there various bush walks begin, including the famous Giant Stairway.

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There are many forms of accommodation in the area including Hotels, Backpackers, Villas, Retreats, Camping sites and Luxury Resorts to relax at and enjoy this spectacular slice of Australia.

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GPS: 33° 44′ 8″ S, 150° 18′ 52″ E

The Three Sisters -  Australian Landmarks


About The Three Sisters

In the Blue Mountains of New South Wales sits a great many Aussie Landmarks. The most famous of which is commonly known as The Three Sisters, this stunning rock formation is over 900 meters tall or 3000ft. As water regularly runs down the rock formations, it is plausible that some day the sandstone natural pillars will no longer be there.

There are several different ways to view this great Australian landmark and the Jamison Valley in general, most notably, the new sky way cart system 'The Sceniscender', the steepest aerial car in Australia. The Sceniscender takes you on a dazzling 545 metre ride into the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Enlarge                Photo by Leithcote     

Three Sisters Vista - Australian Landmarks - M5 Things to Do at The Three Sisters

  1.     Walk to Echo Point
  2.     Ride the Scenic Railway
  3.     Abseiling Tour
  4.     Rock Climbing
  5.     Ride the Sceniscender


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