Australian Man Made Landmarks Top 10 List

Here’s our Top 10 list of the famous man made landmarks in Australia which we think are some of the most iconic and amazing places to see Down Under.

1. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House - Australian Landmarks - SSydney Opera House is not only Australia's most famous landmark, this unique structure is one of the world's most instantly recognisable and iconic buildings. In 1956 an international competition to design an opera house for Sydney was held. Jørn Utzon had his extraordinary design declared the winner on January 29, 1957.

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2. Port Arthur

Port Arthur - Australian Landmarks - SThe Port Arthur Historic Site houses Australia's most intact convict settlement, including restored buildings and homes, ruins, a harbour, a coalmine, a factory and even an Isle of the Dead. With a museum, interactive experiences and a bistro serving fresh Tasmanian produce, a trip to the Port Arthur Historic site is one trip you will remember.

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3. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground - Australian Landmarks - SThe MCG is host to the AFL from April to September and after the AFL Grand Final the MCG prepares for Cricket Season which usually starts at the end of September / early October and runs till the end of March. The MCG hosts both international and national Cricket Matches and is also home to Australia's National Sports Museum.

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4. Q1 Tower

Q1 Tower - Australian Landmarks - SRecognised as one of Queenslands iconic landmarks, Q1 towers over Surfers Paradise and The Gold Coast, briefly holding the record for the world's tallest residential tower. The 332.5 metre skyscraper, measured to the top of its spire, is still the talest building in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

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5. The Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley - Australian Landmarks - SThe Barossa Valley is regarded as Australia's wine capital and features over eighty cellar doors all within two hours drive from Adelaide. Luxury resorts and cellars offer award-winning wine and gourmet food amongst an inspiring landscape. The rolling hills and valleys of the Barossa are a perfect place to indulge yourself or escape for that romantic getaway.

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6. Parliament House

Parliament House - Australian Landmarks - SOn the 9th of May, 1988 Queen Elizabeth II opened this marvelous centrepiece of Australian architecture and culture. Including both the House of Representatives and the Senate and offices for our Federal Ministers, the Australian Federal Parliament has been given a world class forum for running our democracy.

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7. Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse - Australian Landmarks - SOne of the strongest lights in Australia, Cape Byron Lighthouse stands on a rocky headland that juts into the Pacific Ocean. Cape Byron and the lighthouse are part of the 22,000 hectare Cape Byron Marine Park which combined with the town of Byron Bay, make for one of Australia's favourite touring destinations.

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8. Ballarat

Ballarat - Australian Landmarks - SBallarat was transformed from a sheep station into a mining town when gold was discovered in 1851. Even with discoveries still being made today this landmark of Australia is not most famous for its gold, Aussies know it for being the site of the rebellion at the Eureka Stockade, the only civil rebellion to have ever taken place in the country.

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9. ANZAC Cove, Turkey

ANZAC Cove - Australian Landmarks -SAt ANZAC Cove, site of Australia and New Zealands first major combat in WWI, a memorial commemorates the fallen service men and women of all our conflicts. Although it's not on Australian soil this landmark lies deep in the hearts of many Australians. "Lest We Forget" motto of ANZAC Day, 25th of April.

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10. Broome

Broome - Australian Landmarks - SProbably most famous for being the Pearling Capitol of Australia, with some of the world's largest cultured pearls, Broome offers a host of amazing experiences for visitors and tourists. Start with the stunning 'Stairway to the Moon' or amazing 130 million year old dinosaur footprints.

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