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Wine Glass Bay in the Freycinet National Park is around 125 km northeast of Hobart, the State Capitol of Tasmania. The nearest major airport is in Launceston from which light planes can be chartered. Launceston Airport is serviced by domestic flights while Hobart Airport services international flights. There are regular bus and coach services to Freycinet NP or you can choose to self-drive by taking a Ferry service from the mainland or hiring a vehicle when you get to Tasmania.

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There’s a multitude of accommodation options in the Freycinet National Park area. There is a Lodge, Caravan and Camping sites in the park itself or you can enjoy Resorts, Eco Retreats, Cottages, Villas, Apartments, Holiday Homes, Bed and Breakfasts and more at Coles Bay, the nearest township.

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GPS: 42° 7′ 31″ S, 148° 17′ 54″ E

Wine Glass Bay - Australian Landmarks


About Wine Glass Bay

Considered among the world’s best beaches, the idyllic and secluded Wine Glass Bay in the Freycinet National Park is one famous landmark you do not want to miss when you’re touring Tasmania.

Freycinet National Park and Mount Field National Park were created in 1916, making them the oldest in Tasmania. Freycinet is a spectacular piece of nature; the east coast peninsula features pink granite formations rising from the ocean, known as “the Hazards”. These stunning mountains create the beautiful waterways and bays with their sparkling white beaches and crystal clear waters.

Aside from its awe inspiring landscape, the area is renowned for its fauna and bird watching. The many bush walks in the park give you a chance to see favourites like hunting White Bellied Sea Eagles, Australasian Gannets diving for food and flocks of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo hunting for grubs and much more. Just outside the park is the Moulting Lagoon Game Reserve (named after moulting Black Swans), an internationally significant wetland for waterbirds.

They take their wildlife seriously here and because most of the animals are nocturnal, speed limits are reduced from dusk till dawn. Coles Bay Township was acclaimed internationally for being the first in the world to ban the use of plastic bags resulting in a safer land and marine environment for their wildlife.

The exquisite locally caught seafood, the delightful native fauna and awesome scenery make Wine Glass Bay and Freycinet National Park one of the most beautiful and enjoyable places on Earth.

Enlarge                    Photo by Alarna Rose Gray

Wallaby at Wine Glass Bay - Australian Landmarks - M5 Things To Do at Wine Glass Bay

  1. Join a boat Cruise to see Wine Glass Bay
  2. Rock Climb the Hazards
  3. Go on a Horse Riding adventure
  4. Enjoy a magical Scenic Flight
  5. Hop on a Fishing Charter for a fully guided trip



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