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This spectacular river gorge of the Tamar Valley is in the heart of Launceston, the second largest city in Tasmania. Domestic flights fly direct to Launceston from Melbourne and Sydney. International flights fly into Hobart, the State Capitol of Tasmania from which Buses service Launceston. If self – driving take the vehicular ferry from Melbourne on the mainland to Devonport which is only an hour or so drive from Launceston.

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GPS: 41° 26′ 46″ S, 147° 7′ 10″ E

Cataract Gorge - Australian Landmarks

Enlarge                                                                             Photo by Kitt Foo                          

About Cataract Gorge

‘Discovered’ in 1804 on the Lower Esk River in the Tamar Valley, Cataract Gorge is a stunning natural formation within 2 minutes’ drive of Launceston’s CBD. A pathway to take in the beauty of the gorge was first constructed in the 1890’s. There are now several walking trails and scenic lookouts to discover.

On the southern side of Cataract Gorge is the First Basin, a mini lake which features the longest single span Chairlift in the world, a funicular Railway (like a tram on a steep slope) called the Inclinator, a swimming pool and cafes in an open area surrounded by bushland. Once the source of myth, the basin was believed to be bottomless but scientist destroyed the notion in 2011 when a maximum depth of 19 metres was established.

On the northern side of Cataract Gorge is arguably Australia’s most enticing urban reserve. The ‘Cliff Grounds’ are a Victorian garden wilderness of ferns and exotic plants with peacocks and wallabies to add to the interesting mix of nature and art. The destination of the Basin Chairlift, there’s a Pub with a view, Restaurant, Kiosk and a Footbridge over the gorge to enjoy at these lovely gardens.

Enlarge                              Photo by Kitt Foo

Interpretive Centre - Australian Landmarks - M5 Things To Do at Cataract Gorge

  1. Take a ride on the Inclinator or Basin Chairlift
  2. Visit the Interpretation Centre and learn about Hydroelectricity
  3. Join a Tamar River Cruise which takes in Cataract Gorge
  4. Go Cable Hang Gliding just up from the Gorge
  5. Challenge yourself with one of the many Rock Climbing or Abseiling routes


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