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The Kimberley is a massive 421,500 kilometre remote and unspoiled wilderness in the far north west of the continent of Australia. Encompassing the northern part of Western Australia, the towns of Broome and Kununurra are the most popular places to begin a journey into this amazing place. To get to the region you can self-drive from Perth, the State Capital of Western Australia or Darwin, the State Capital of Northern Territory though be aware these drives are over very long distances. Coaches service all the major towns in the Kimberley and domestic Flights can be taken to many towns as well. There are regular flights from Perth to Broome and Kununurra and direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Broome. There is a diverse range of accommodation and tours available, so whatever style you travel in there is definitely something that will suit you.

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GPS: 16° 0′ 0″ S, 126° 0′ 0″ E

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At around three times the size of England and a population of about 30,000, the Kimberley is one of the world’s last true wilderness areas. With the Indian Ocean to the west, the Timor Sea to the north, the Northern Territory to the east and the Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts to the south, this isolated landscape of rugged river systems, gorges and falls, intriguing mountain ranges, surprising towns and awe inspiring natural phenomena is a place that leaves a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to visit it.

One of the world’s foremost 4 Wheel Driving hotspots, the Kimberley does experience the Wet season in the Australian Summer when some roads become impassable so plan your visit according to the types of adventures you wish embark upon. Much of the Kimberley is crocodile country so follow the signed directions, be careful where and when you swim and follow some simple rules such as never leave food or fish waste near the water and never get water from the creek in the same place twice. Don’t be discouraged though tourists are seldom eaten, despite what movies like 'Rogue' and "Crocodile Dundee' would have you believe.

People come to the Kimberley for a multitude of reasons, not just to appreciate the spectacular untouched wilderness. Whether you come for the amazing landmarks and wildlife, the pearls that are grown, the unique pink diamonds that are mined, internationally acclaimed contemporary and ancient indigenous artworks, renowned Barramundi fishing, great 4WD’ing or any of the other vast range of tours or adventures to be had, we at Australian Landmarks are positive a trip to the Kimberley will be one you never forget.


Landmarks of The Kimberley


Broome - Australian Landmarks - SProbably most famous for being the Pearling Capitol of Australia, with some of the world's largest cultured pearls, Broome offers a host of amazing experiences for visitors and tourists. Start with the stunning 'Stairway to the Moon' or amazing 130 million year old dinosaur footprints.

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Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls - Australian Landmarks - SThe Horizontal Falls are described by David Attenborough as "one of the greatest natural wonders of the world'. Not true waterfalls, they are created by immense tidal currents speeding through tight coastal gorges. There are only two on the planet, both here at Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago.

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The Bungle Bungle

The Bungle Bungle - Australian Landmarks - SThe striking Bungle Bungle Range was only "discovered" in 1983. Purnululu National Park was established in 1987 and declared a World Heritage Site in 2003. The unique range is composed of grey and orange banded 'beehive' shaped sandstone domes and is arguably the most amazing and spectacular geological landmark in Australia.

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