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A bridge connects Phillip Island with mainland Australia making self-driving an option. It takes around 2 hours to get here from Melbourne, the State Capitol of Victoria. There are Bus and Coach Services departing from Melbourne and surrounding towns and Ferries connect with the towns of Stony Point and Cowes. A small private airport is on the island which can cater to helicopters and chartered light planes.

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There is a wide range of accommodation options on Phillip Island including Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfasts, Holiday Homes, Farm Stays, Apartments, Backpackers, Hostels, Cabins, Caravan and Camping sites. We’re sure you’ll find something that suits you.

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GPS: 38° 29′ 0″ S, 145° 14′ 0″ E

Phillip Island - Australian Landmarks


About Philip Island

Phillip Island is a famous Australian landmark for two great and diverse reasons, its adorable wildlife and the world renowned Grand Prix Circuit.

Named for Arthur Phillip, the first governor of New South Wales (of which the States Victoria and Queensland were initially a part), 60% of the island is grazing farmland. The other 40% is devoted to Nature Parks and Tourism. There is spectacular scenery all around the island and the beaches have some of the most ‘consistent and varied’ surfing in the country.

As for wildlife, at the western end of Phillip Island are the aptly named Seal Rocks, which support the largest colony of Fur Seals in Australia. The Koala Conservation Centre and the island’s Wildlife Parks are excellent places to see and meet iconic Australian marsupials and animals. Another visitor favourite is the Penguin Parade where you can witness the sunset waddle of the world’s smallest penguin, the Little Penguin, as they return home to roost.

In 1928 the first ever Australian Grand Prix was held here on a circuit of the island’s interior roads and continued to be used until 1935. The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit held the original Armstrong 500 in the early 60’s but the track didn’t stand up and the race was moved to Mt Panorama eventually evolving into the Bathurst 1000. Redeveloped in 1989 the circuit is now home to the MotoGP, the World Superbike Championship and the V8 Supercar series. Truly a world renowned venue the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is seen in over 200 countries and by 350 million people every year.

In March, The Phillip Island Classic is held. With up to 550 entrants and 80 years of motor racing history on the track, this is the largest historical motor racing event in the Southern Hemisphere.

Whether you’re coming for the sports, the surfing or the wildlife, it’s definitely worth becoming one of the 3.5 million yearly visitors to the must see Australian landmark that is Phillip Island.

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Seals at the Nobbies - Australian Landmarks - M5 Things To Do at Phillip Island

  1. Take a Hot Lap around the Grand Prix Circuit
  2. Embark on the ‘Ultimate Penguin Tour’
  3. Hand Feed a wallaby at a Wildlife Park
  4. Visit a Farm for sumptuous local food
  5. Join a sea, land or air Tour of the island



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