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Located in the south-eastern centre of South Australia, the best way to see the Flinders Ranges is to self-drive. Many of the attractions and landmarks are accessible by 2WD though there are some 4WD only tracks so check your route before leaving. There are range of Tours available if self-driving isn’t your thing, many of which embark from Adelaide or Port Augusta.

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The are two towns in the area, Quorn and Hawker, that offer Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Motels, Holiday Units, Caravan and Camping sites. There is plenty of accommodation all over the Flinders Ranges including luxury Resorts, wilderness Cabins, Hotels, Farm and Station Stays and Caravan and Camping sites.

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GPS: 30° 55′ 12″ S, 138° 37′ 12″ E

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About Flinders Ranges

The largest mountain range in South Australia, Flinders Ranges is one of the oldest landscapes on earth. Once the height of the Himalayas, 540 million years of erosion have whittled the 430 kilometre long range down to a modest 1,170 metres at its highest point. At a secret location (to prevent vandalism), the oldest evidence for animal life was found fossilised here in 1946. These finds are so important a new geological period, the Ediacaran (635-542Mya), the first new period in 120 years, was established in 2004 to mark the appearance of these strange and primitive forms.

Dotted with National Parks, from Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in the north, the first of its type in South Australia to the city of Port Augusta in the south, there are many spectacular vistas and landmarks to behold. One of the most well-known is Wilpena Pound, a vast 80 square kilometre natural amphitheatre that houses a Station Stay in the west and an internationally recognised Resort in the east. Bush walks are popular in the ‘pound’ as they suit all levels of fitness and take in some of the most striking landscapes and views of the Flinders Ranges.

One of the best places to experience the Australian outback without relinquishing any of the modern comforts, Flinders Ranges’ ancient landscape will offer some perspective on the vastness of time. For here, like no other place on earth, to quote celebrated Australian landscape artist Hans Heysen, you will find, “the bones of the earth laid bare”.

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Chambers Gorge Sculpture - Australian Landmarks - M5 Things To Do at Flinders Ranges

  1. Take a Scenic Flight of the ranges from Port Augusta or Wilpena Pound
  2. Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Safari (April to October)
  3. Step back in time and have a steam train journey on the Pichi Richi Railway
  4. See Aboriginal rock art at Yourambulla Caves
  5. Enjoy some delicious ‘Feral Food’ at the middle of nowhere Prairie Hotel

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