Australian Capital Territory Landmarks

ANZAC Cove, Turkey

ANZAC Cove - Australian Landmarks -SThis small cove saw the first major combat in WWI for Australia and New Zealand. The site commemorates our fallen service men and women. Although it's not on Australian soil this landmark lies deep in the hearts of many Australians. "Lest We Forget" motto of ANZAC Day, 25th of April.

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Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial - Australian Landmarks - SConsidered one of the most significant memorials of its type in the world, the Australian War Memorial, which opened in 1941, commemorates the members of Australia’s military forces and support organisations who have participated in or given their lives for our conflicts.

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Black Mountain Tower

Black Mountain Tower - Australian Landmarks -SBlack Mountain Tower has a stunning 360 degree view of the Nation's Capital from both indoor and outdoor viewing platforms. The tower is also home to Canberra's only revolving restaurant, Alto. Taking 85 minutes to complete a revolution, the restaurant is unique and innovative, serving modern Australian cuisine, with European influences, as you enjoy the spectacular ever changing views.

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National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery of Australia - Australian Landmarks - SThe largest art museum in Australia, the National Gallery houses over 166,000 works from Australia, Asia, India, Europe, America and the Pacific. With world class exihbitions and events held regularly for people of all ages, the National gallery is the best place in Australia to discover art from our conutry and around the world.

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Parliament House

Parliament House - Australian Landmarks - SOn the 9th of May, 1988 Queen Elizabeth II opened this marvelous centrepiece of Australian architecture and culture. Including both the House of Representatives and the Senate and offices for our Federal Ministers, the Australian Federal Parliament has been given a world class forum for running our democracy.

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