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Approximately 5.5 to 6 hours from Sydney via Canberra by car.  Many Coach services are available also from Sydney and Canberra.  Snowscene Express coaches leaving from the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions and along the mid coast of NSW are also available.

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The Southern Hemisphere's largest ski resort is here in the valley as well as Hotels, Chalets, Apartments and Inns. We're sure you'll find something to suit.

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GPS: 36° 24′ 0″ S, 148° 25′ 0″ E

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About Perisher Valley

Located in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales is one of the most amazing valleys in Australia.  Given that Australia is known for it's harshness and dry desolate regions its hard to believe that one of the world's best snow ski field lies in the heart of New South Wales.

The Perisher Valley ( 5643ft or 1720m high), named as such around 1840, yields some excellent snow fields every year.  The first ski lodges opened in 1951 with a number of ski clubs operating from the region.  As time passed and the reputation of this Australian landmark grew so too did the number of skiers and along with them the facilities to cope with the influx.  In 1962 the first Chair lift was opened, along with rope tows to support the number of ever growing visitors.  In 1995 it was officially named Perisher Blue until 2009 and these days it is simply known again as Perisher.

Perisher has a ski-able area of around 3000 acres and a vertical ski of 1165ft or 355m. Skiing at Perisher and the surrounding regions is suitable for all ages and skill levels and night skiing is also available all season but only on Tuesdays.

Average snow depth over the last 15 years has been 1.9 metres and the minimum temp average is around -3.7c, the season starts in June and runs till October.

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Perisher Snowboard - Australian Landmarks - M5 Things to Do at Perisher Valley

  1. Go night Snow Boarding or Skiing
  2. Take a Tube Ride at Tube Town
  3. Try Cross Country Skiing
  4. Visit Smiggins Hole
  5. Climb Mt. Perisher



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