Sydney and The Blue Mountains

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Sydney is the state capitol of New South Wales and from here there are a multitude of landmarks which can be visited on a day trip from the CBD. Whatever style you like to travel in, it is available in Sydney and The Blue Mountains, from world class 5 star luxury hotels to backpacker hostels and cosy Bed and Breakfasts, it's all here. International flights from many countries arrive in Sydney and you can travel to your chosen destination/s by taking a coach or train, joining a tour or hiring a vehicle and seeing the sights at your own pace.

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GPS: 33° 51′ 35.9″ S, 151° 12′ 40″ E


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About Sydney and The Blue Mountains

Sydney and it's surrounds are one of the most vibrant and spectacular places on the planet. From the world renowned nightlife of the city centre, the awesome beaches along the coast and the wondrous scenery of The Blue Mountains it would be impossible to find another city anywhere in the world that has all this within 2 hrs drive of the CBD.

Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, was the site of the first British settlement in Australia in 1788. Since that time 'Sydneysiders' have been working hard to make their city great and it now ranked in the top 10 of "Most Liveable Cities in the World" and considered one of the world's fashion capitols.

Nature has been giving them a helping hand though, the bays and inlets around which the city is focused are a boating mecca and house some of the most expensive real estate in the world, the golden beaches are world famous and bordering the metropolitan area is the world heritage listed Blue Mountains which derive their name from the haze given off from the eucalyptus forests.

If your coming Down Under, whether your here for the culture or the nature, Sydney and The Blue Mountains is one region that is not to be missed.


Landmarks of Sydney and The Blue Mountains

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach - Australian Landmarks - SSituated within one of the world's most intriguing cities, epitomising the 'Australian' lifestyle, broadcast internationally,  Bondi Beach is one of the most well known beaches in the world. The kilometre long stretch of golden beach, nestled in a sparkling bay, has long been celebrated for its iconic sun, surf, sand and community.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Australian Landmarks - SThe Sydney Harbour Bridge sometimes called 'the Coat Hangar', spans Sydney Harbour, also known as Port Jackson, in New South Wales. Getting to the bridge is quite easy as it is an integral part of Sydney's transport infrastructure.  Trains, buses, motor vehicles and pedestrians all rely on the bridge to travel between north and south Sydney.

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 Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House - Australian Landmarks - SSydney Opera House is not only Australia's most famous landmark, this unique structure is one of the world's most instantly recognisable and iconic buildings. In 1956 the New South Wales Premier announced a competition to design an opera house for Sydney. Jørn Utzon had his extraordinary design declared the winner on January 29, 1957.

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 The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters -  Australian Landmarks - SIn the Blue Mountains of New South Wales sits a great many Aussie Landmarks. The most famous of which is commonly known as The Three Sisters, this stunning rock formation is over 900 meters tall or 3000ft. As water regularly runs down the rock formations, it is plausible that some day the sandstone natural pillars will no longer be there.

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