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The falls are in the Mount Field National Park which lies around 64 km north west of Hobart, the state capitol of Tasmania. Hobart can be accessed by international and domestic flights or vehicular ferry from the mainland. It takes around an hour in a vehicle to get to the park from Hobart so if your not interested in joining a prearranged tour, self driving is no problem   at all. The falls themselves are accessible by a short paved walking track.

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Accommodation is readily available with a campground / caravan park near the entrance, a hotel and holiday cottages in the park itself and much more in the surrounding area. However you like to travel, a style to suit you is available.

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GPS: 42° 40′ 37.18″ S, 146° 42′ 44.8″ E

Russell Falls - Australian Landmarks


About Russell Falls

Originally named Browning Falls after their discoverer, they became know as Russell Falls in 1884 by which time they had already become a popular tourist attraction. Along with Freycinet National Park, the area became one of Tasmania's first nature reserves in 1885 and the Mount Field National Park was founded in 1916 to protect the astounding and diverse beauty of the falls and their surrounds.

Mount Field National Park stands out because few other parks in Australia offer the same diversity of habitat in a single area. Ranging from the moss covered rocks and tree ferns of the rainforest lined creeks, through to the tall swamp gum temperate woodlands, along the shores of pristine mountain lakes and up to the coniferous shrubberies of the alpine heights, there is amazing ecology to be experienced at every turn. Much of Tasmania's native fauna can seen here as well including wombat, platypus, possum, echidna, the Tasmanian Devil, amongst many more. The area was one of the last known stomping grounds of the Tasmanian Tiger which is believed to have gone extinct in the wild during the 1930's though unverified sightings continue to this day.

If your heading Down Under, this famous landmark of Tasmania is well worth a visit for anyone who loves nature and inspiring scenery. The Park can be divided into two different sections, the visitor centre and short bush walks centred around Russell Falls and Lake Dobson with its longer alpine walks and skiing areas.

Enlarge                       Photo by JJ Harrison  

Mount Field NP - Australian Landmarks - M5 Things To Do at Russell Falls

  1.     Enjoy a spectacular short walk to one of the falls
  2.     Drop into the Visitor Centre to learn about the wondrous features of the park
  3.     Stay overnight in the Government Huts for an alpine experience
  4.     Take one of the three tows for some Downhill Skiing action
  5.     Visit in April/May for the show of orange and red from Australia's only deciduous tree


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