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Lying off the South Australian coast, 112 km (70 miles) south west of Adelaide, the state capitol, Kangaroo Island is accessed by air from Adelaide Airport or by vehicular ferry from Cape Jervis on the Fleurieu Peninsula which is 108 km south of Adelaide. With multiple ferries every day and coach connections from the state capital visiting Kangaroo Island has never been easier.

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There's some form of accommodation on the island to suit any style of travel or budget. Resorts, Retreats, Lodges, Bed   and Breakfasts, Bushland Cottages, Hotels, Motels, Hostels, Apartments and Caravan and Camping sites, it's all here.

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GPS: 35° 50′ 0″ S, 137° 15′ 0″ E

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About Kangaroo Island

Not just one of the most spectacular places to see a wide variety of Australia's native fauna, most of the 4,600 residents of Kangaroo Island are primary producers offering some of the best local gourmet cuisine to be found in Australia. With one third of the island declared a conservation area or National Park, a thriving culinary culture, a unique artistic scene, all steeped in a rich history, there is something for everyone at Kangaroo Island.

Farming has long existed here, traditionally sheep grazing was the key element but recent years have seen a wonderful diversification. Now Kangaroo Island is famous for many products. Locally caught fish, Southern rock lobster, Sheep's cheese, Ligurian Bee honey and Grain fed beef, just to name a few. The island sports 28 wine growers and two distilleries, neither for alcohol though. The first distills lavender for use in oils and culinary products and the second distills eucalyptus for essential oils. The island is also home to a rare breeds farm of which many are critically endangered and not on public display anywhere else in the world.

The nature and wildlife of Kangaroo Island are the crowning glory of this famous Australian landmark. With colonies of Little Penguins, Australian Sea lions and New Zealand Fur Seals, Wallabies, Koalas, Echidnas, Goannas, Possums just to get started, any wildlife lover looking for a place to visit Down Under should seriously consider a trip to this magical isle. And yes there are Kangaroos as well!

We've barely scratched the surface and in no way can we do Kangaroo Island justice on our site, all we can do at Australian Landmarks is implore you to check it out for yourself. There's accommodation on the island to suit any budget, so whatever style you travel in, whether you come to the island for the food, the culture or the nature you will in no way be disappointed.

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5 Things To Do at Kangaroo Island

  1.     Take a Tour of spectacular Scenery or amazing Wildlife
  2.     Indulge in some mouthwatering local Cuisine
  3.     Visit one the Wildlife Sanctuaries for up an close experience
  4.     Check out the many exquisite Art Galleries
  5.     Go meet Rob and see his Shearing demo




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