Australian Landmarks Top 10 List

Here’s our Top 10 list of the famous Australian landmarks which we think are some of the best places to visit when touring Down Under.

1. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House - Australian Landmarks - SSydney Opera House is not only Australia's most famous landmark, this unique structure is one of the world's most instantly recognisable and iconic buildings. In 1956 an international competition to design an opera house for Sydney was held. Jørn Utzon had his extraordinary design declared the winner on January 29, 1957.

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2. Uluru

Uluru - Australian Landmarks - SLocated in the heart of the Northern Territory and Australia, Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is the world's largest monolith. Noted for its natural and cultural value, it is certainly one of the most well known Aussie Landmarks and the greatest of all Australian landforms if you are touring and sight seeing Down Under.

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3. Heart Reef

Heart Shaped Reef  - Australian Landmarks - SSeen on TV and in movies, the Heart Shaped Reef, in Hardy Reef, has become a famous Queensland landmark and Australian icon. Hardy Reef boasts some of the best underwater viewing of the Great Barrier Reef in general, so snorkeling and scuba-diving should certainly be at the top of your list.

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4. Port Arthur

Port Arthur - Australian Landmarks - SThe Port Arthur Historic Site houses Australia's most intact convict settlement, including restored buildings and homes, ruins, a harbour, a coalmine, a factory and even an Isle of the Dead. With a museum, interactive experiences and a bistro serving fresh Tasmanian produce, a trip to the Port Arthur Historic site is one trip you will remember.

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5. Kakadu

Kakadu - Australian Landmarks - SThe World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park is a whopping 19,804 km2 (7,646 sq mi), which is about half the size of Switzerland. The park contains a multitude of diverse and vibrant habitats, from estuaries, rivers, woodlands and wetlands to rugged gorges and rocky escarpments. It is especially famous for its flora, fauna and rock art.

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6. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island - Australian Landmarks - SMost of the 4,600 residents of Kangaroo Island are primary producers offering some of the best local gourmet cuisine to be found in Australia. With one third of the island declared a conservation area or National Park, a thriving culinary culture, a unique artistic scene, all steeped in a rich history, there is something for everyone at Kangaroo Island.

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7. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground - Australian Landmarks - SThe MCG is host to the AFL from April to September and after the AFL Grand Final the MCG prepares for Cricket Season which usually starts at the end of September / early October and runs till the end of March. The MCG hosts both international and national Cricket Matches and is also home to Australia's National Sports Museum.

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8. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach - Australian Landmarks - SSituated within one of the world's most intriguing cities, epitomising the 'Australian' lifestyle, broadcast internationally,  Bondi Beach is one of the most well known beaches in the world. The kilometre long stretch of golden beach, nestled in a sparkling bay, has long been celebrated for its iconic sun, surf, sand and community.

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9. Shark Bay

Shark Bay - Australian Landmarks - SSpectacular Shark Bay is one of Australia's most famous wildlife areas. From several thousand year old Stromatolites to friendly Dolphins, Whales, Whale Sharks, Sea Turtles and Dugongs and much more, this is one famous landmark not to miss if your heading Down Under with a love of nature.

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10. Ballarat

Ballarat - Australian Landmarks - SBallarat was transformed from a small sheep station into a bustling mining town when gold was discovered in 1851. Even with discoveries still being made today this landmark of Australia is not most famous for its gold, Aussies know it for being the site of the rebellion at the Eureka Stockade, the only civil rebellion that ever took place in the country.

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